torsdag den 3. september 2009

Nogle ting er simpelthen for morsomt.

"What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?" with the result 1950's.

You are a very wholesome person dedicated to your morals, values, and reputation.
You have strong convictions and stand by them. More than likely, you... have conservative political beliefs and ideologies.
Building solid family and friend relationships is important to you.
You like traditional roles of men and women and find it your natural tendency to fall into those roles.
You enjoy the latest music, movies, and other recreational fun with your friends and family alike. Although conservative in nature, you also like to be up on the latest and greatest.
You are a classic American, who is hard-working and a quality friend to have..

Min første reaktion: Hahahahahahahahahahahah... og ellers ingen yderligere kommentarer.

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